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The New USSF National C license Course Experience

By Tom Paparounis on 3/20/18 12:20 AM

I just returned from the first phase of the new USSF C licensing course in Baltimore, MD.  My previous experience with coaching courses was disappointing since the courses used to be focused mainly ...


How you react to your child getting scored on could be the reason they quit playing!

By Tom Paparounis on 3/20/18 12:19 AM

Just as we as coaches need to be aware of the impact our verbal and non-verbal communication can have on our players' experience with soccer so do the Parents of our players. As a parent, you have a tremendous impact on your child’s experience wit...


5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Goalkeeping Gloves for FREE

By Tom Paparounis on 12/18/17 6:07 PM

People often ask me, "What's the best way to clean goalkeeping gloves?" So I decided to provide 5 easy steps for keeping goalkeeping gloves dirt and smell free for no money. Yes - you do NOT need to spend money to keep them clean. Step 1: Af...


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